Make your 2nd residence profitable

If you have a busy life, enjoy your free time and we will work for YOU.

Renting a holiday apartment is not easy, if you work, live in another city and do not have time to devote to rent your or your apartments we do it for you, familiarly, but with Professionalism.

We will do all the management of renting, entrances, exits, cleaning, maintenance, in short, all the attention to the customer so that you do not have to worry about Anything.


It is our job

Leave it in our hands and you will see that it will benefit much more and without any worries.

If you want to rent your accommodation throughout the year or for a period, count on Us. We are a family and we work with few lodgings to give them the best performance, besides our web, we get the rents working with the best portals of international vacation rentals, national and with the contacts that already We have all these years of Work. We are in the best tourist destinations of Catalunya, the Costa Brava and Val D’Aran.

We offer you great advantages of the rest of the holiday rental websites:

  • Personalized and Family Friendly.
  • We work for you, you don’t have to worry.
  • Do not worry about your property, to answer requests or emails. 
  • We take care of the receipts and the Billing.
  • We take care of the tickets and the Exits.
  • We take care of the cleanliness of the property, the change of bed linen and towels.
  • We collect bail to ensure that if the property suffers any damage cover the costs of repair.
  • We take care of the Maintenance.
  • If the tenant has any problems we will attend to resolve the situation.